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Is the internet at your business slow and unreliable? Has your internet provider told you that they are your only option? Are your phones old and outdated? At, we provide data solutions for businesses at wholesale costs. Your business will see savings of 17-35% every month for faster internet and the latest in phone technology on the market, in most cases for less than what you are paying now. We can even get wholesale pricing from your current provider! For more info, call 916-599-5678 or 916-204-2504. Visit online at

How To Save On Internet & Phone Service For Your Business

Do you want to know how to save on internet and phone service for your business?

Is your business suffering from slow internet speed or an unreliable, inconsistent connection? We can help! Is your business shocked by having to pay $250 for service calls for phones that are outdated and lack features your business needs? We can help! How? We are a wholesale provider of internet and phone services and can save your business between 15-30% off what you’re paying now – without having to change your current provider!

Integrated Global Technologies Com, Inc., is a full service Communications Consulting Corporation. We specialize in providing ’21st Century Communications Solutions’.

Our team of professional experts will Analyze, Design, Plan and Initiate all
of your network services with the ‘latest technology’ such as; Wi Max , MPLS, VOIP, etc.
We specialize in a complete array of Internet, Voice and Data communications services to business clientele internationally – from all the top providers worldwide.

Take 15-30 minutes to see if you can save 15-30%, EVERY MONTH, off your internet and phone service. Call Joe at 916-599-5678916-599-5678 or Pat at 916-204-2504916-204-2504 for more info!


Chris Carpenter’s Info Cash System Revealed

Chris Carpenters Info Cash System Revealed

Forget the paid surveys. Drop the cold calling. Get away from the MLM fools …

Want to make real money online –without getting scammed? Trust the guy who has helped tens of thousands of people earn millions of dollars over 10 straight years. His new video presentation is completely FREE (for now) –and reveals a simple 7 Step System to Make Money Online. All you have to do is click the video above to see how this system works – I think you’re gonna like it – a lot!

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Review of Daniel Lew’s Online Pr Submitter – Don’t Buy This!

 You know how sometimes people that are trying to promote a product will put as their headline, “Don’t Buy XXXXX” and then you get to the page and it is a glowing review of said product? This isn’t like that – not at all. Daniel Lew’s Online PR Submitter has a great sales page and made promises, that, unfortunately, it does not live up to. For example, here is a link to a spun article (that I didn’t want spun).  As you can see, this looks like the type of english you might read from an outsourcer from some third world nation. It’s completely unintelligible!

I have to admit, though, that the one good thing about this was that their support was readily available while trying to submit my first (and only) press release. The bad news is, everyone scattered as soon as I mentioned that I wanted a refund. If you look at Dan’s sales copy, it says that he will issue a refund, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! If that is true, why won’t he refund my money? This is the kind of stuff that scares me from trusting online sellers in the future.

I’m really bummed about this as I had high hopes that this software would help me get some high Google rankings for my friend’s International Travel Insurance business. As it turns out, Daniel Lew’s Online PR Submitter does not even come close to doing what it advertises. As a matter of fact, I have tried submitting my PR a few times now and it will always give me the same results. One will say it is “Posted”, three will say that they are “Posted, Awaiting Approval”, and the other 90+ say that they are “Queued to be published within few hours.” Trust me on this one, save your money, time and frustration and opt for another form of Press Release. You can find multiple gigs on that are a lot more effective than this software.

I have asked for my money back numerous times now with no reply from the vendor at all. It will tell me that my support ticket has been opened, but after that, nothing. Stay away from this software and don’t waste your hard-earned money on Daniel Lew’s Online PR Submitter. I am giving it 1 star as support was helpful while trying to use the software.

UPDATE: I finally got my money back, but only after I opened a ticket with PayPal.

Small Business Loans For People With Bad Credit

Small Business Loans For People With Bad Credit

Bad Credit Small Business Loans

I have been working in the banking industry now for many years and getting a small business loan is nothing more than a popularity contest. Basically without going into great detail, the more popular your business is the more likely you will get a business loan.

What’s crazy is that in addition to that they not only want your company to be in business at least 3 years, but they want a personal guarantee! They want their sticky fingers on everything you own, will own or want to own including the shirt off your back.

I mean sure, they will tell you that’s not necessary if you have 5x the assets to back up the loan amount you want to borrow but who has that today? Crazy huh?

And what about if you have bad personal credit? You can pretty much forget about getting those much-needed funds for your business.

Well let me lay out the facts for you about a lender I found that has pretty relaxed guidelines. Take a look at this…

If you have a business that:

1. Is located in the United States
2. Has been in business for at least a year
3. Your business grossed at least $100k in revenue
4. Your business is not related to construction or real estate

…you can walk away with up to $250k right now without providing a personal guarantee OR assets OR anything else. The nice thing is that like applying for a bank loan, the application is 100% free, but UNLIKE a bank where you have to fill out a 10 page credit application, this lender’s application is only one and a half pages long!

The downside is that his interest rates are higher, but what do you care? You’re not on the hook for the loan so not only is it a write off, but its also dependent on your business paying it back and NOT YOU!

What’s more is that banks wont tell you that if they deny you (75% of the time), that this other lender exists.

See who the lender is…CLICK HERE.

I hope that at least in a small measure this information has been helpful and I wish you the best of luck.